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If you are looking for the perfect blade to elevate your cooking game then you have found your home. All of my chef knives are handcrafted with dedication and offer precision and performance, as well as the opportunity to look pretty cool with one too.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cooking enthusiast, my knives are designed to make every slice, chop, and dice an exciting experience. I believe that a chef knife isn’t just a tool, it’s more like a firm friend to take along on your kitchen adventures.

Keeping the tradition of handmade items alive in the West Midlands and shipping worldwide.

Exceptional Handcrafted Knives for Chefs and Enthusiastic Home Cooks.

how i started

I’m Andy, I design and make all chef knives by hand at Cuttlebrook Knives. Find out a little bit of the history behind my passion for the finest quality bespoke kitchen tools.

Find out about the Cuttlebrook Knives Origin story!


Whether it’s a full custom knife build or an available piece, each one has the same care and attention to detail. Each knife I create matters a great deal to me, as does creating the best user experience for its new owner.

Every knife I make is unique, no two are the same. 

Handmade chef knives - where passion meets precision

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The body coach

joe wicks - 

...I look forward to cooking with it everyday. It's an absolute beauty"

"So happy with my new knife!




Michelin Starred Restaurant - Carters, Birmingham

Chef Brad Carter

...It’s so great to have a world-class knife maker right here in Birmingham, I’m sure my collection will continue to grow for many years to come!’

...From his signature curl on the heel of the blade to the fully customisable handles & steel, he can create a tool for life, | have a quite a few pieces - they are always first in the roll when | travel the world...

‘I've known Andy (CB) since 2020 when his knives first caught my attention...






Ash Valenzuela-Heeger

'...and those who have any of his knives are very fortunate indeed...’

‘Andy’s dedication to his craft is second to none...'




aka The Dirty Vegan aka One of the Dirty Sanchez crew

Mathew Pritchard

'...and I absolutely love it!...’

‘I got my first Cuttlebrook knife this year...

Cuts through my veg like butter…love it!


Masterchef the professionals contest, Michelin trained Chef

Matthew Ryle

As a chef, I rely on my knives every day, these knives are meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail from blade to handle. The knives are sharp and durable, delivering outstanding performance when cutting. 

My cuttlebrook knives are exceptional quality and the craftsmanship is special. 



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