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I also offer additional customisation options, like adding initials or noteworthy dates to the blade, so each knife becomes a cherished reminder of someone or something special. With one of my bespoke chef knives in hand, cooking becomes an opportunity to unite and share both delicious meals and unforgettable stories.

My business is making bespoke and unique kitchen knives for chefs, and people who like to cook.

I’ve always had a passion for sharp things, from collecting pocket knives as a kid to buying some good kitchen knives of my own in later life. 

I’m a creative soul, and turning 40 was the catalyst for trying something new. Knifemaking was the perfect collision of creativity and function I’d been looking for. My new hobby quickly turned into an obsession, which in turn grew into a full-time occupation and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

 I’m The sole creator of everything here at Cuttlebrook Knives. 

Read on to see why I do what I do and learn a bit about the craft of making precision unique chefs knives.

I make bespoke chef knives for chopping enthusiasts and pro chefs alike.


My work

I guess it's to turn people onto the fact that food prep doesn’t have to be a chore, it actually can be enjoyed! Good knives make us want to cook more, which in turn makes us eat better food, and hopefully brings families back around tables. It’s a knock on effect! 

My mission when crafting my knives

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Ash Valenzuela-Heeger

'...and those who have any of his knives are very fortunate indeed...’

‘Andy’s dedication to his craft is second to none...'

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