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Exclusive Custom Kitchen Knives. Used by Michelin Starred Chefs and home cooks alike

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The custom knife order process is outlined below for ease. I also offer other culinary items, just let me know what would be of interest to you. I currently have a wait time of around 2-3 months as the order book is busy, so it's best to get in touch in advance if the knife is a gift for a special occasion for example. 

I will guide my customers through each step, so they have a clear idea of what they will receive when the knife is completed.
 I also completely stand behind anything I make, and any issues will be swiftly dealt with. Also, sharpening is included, for life!

How to order your own custom Kitchen Knife



With my custom knives all being individual and handmade, it’s tricky to give estimated prices without knowing what you the customer would like. It’s always best to start with an email or DM, and I can then swiftly give an accurate cost for the build. 

I will have an online store soon, selling a limited number of quality kitchen knives. So make sure you keep checking in!

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Interested in your own CUSTOM handmade chef knife?

order process

get in touch

I expertly package your knife and ship to you worldwide

You get your cuttlebrook custom knife!


The balance due upon completion and the custom knife making begins

I ask for a deposit payment 


Including the time frame and price you’re happy with. Then we decide on steel types, handle materials or colours, etc.

We discuss what you’d like


To get a flavour of my work and what you like contact me via the contact form, email or DM.

Check out this website or my Instagram for inspiration


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